Working Together

She Deserves a Raise.  But She Won’t Ask for It and Blind Auditions: Solving for Bias, Emotion and Other Stuff You Can’t   …are but two of ten chapters that provide well researched and practical information from Joanne Lipman, former chief content officer of Gannett publishing company and editor-in chief of its USA Today.

Her new book That’s What She Said.  What men need to Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together, (2018 Harper Collins) is a reminder of the many gender dynamics that effect the pay gap women experience. Lipman emphasizes that closing the gender gap needs the participation of men if it is to happen. 

The national AAUW Salary Negotiation Workshops  are providing participants with the information they need to negotiate their salaries whether for a first job or progressing in their careers. Not to be missed is Lipman’s Cheat Sheet:  Tips and Takeaways for Men and Women.   The Start Smart Work Smart workshops encompass knowing your worth, a knowledge of unconscious bias and valuable skills training.   Click to take an unconscious bias test. 


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