Greater Naples Branch 2018-19 Budget Review

The GNB AAUW budget process requires the Finance Committee to present a budget to the board of directors in Feb for approval to send to the membership in March. It is made available for the members’ study for one month and is voted on at the April Spring Luncheon. Fiscal year begins July 1.

The items of note in this board approved budget are:

  • $500 to assist officers in attending state or national conventions.
  • half of $408 for smaller storage space, down from $1044 and shared with Foundation.
  • $150 increase in Membership Committee.
  • $200 for newly created Public Policy Committee.
  • reduced premium on Directors and Officers Insurance to $564.
  • $900 for meeting space, supporting the costs of our meetings.

Branch Budget Proposed 2018-19

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