Officers & Board of Directors

2018 – 2019
Left to right: Laura Candris, Glenda Struthers, Nina Christensen, Charmaine Klein, Elaine Wade, and Bonnie Butcheri

Officers and Directors

President – Laura Candris
Vice President/Program – Glenda Struthers
Secretary – Charmaine Klein
Director for Membership – Elaine Wade
Director for Finance / Treasurer – Nina Christensen
Director for Communications –  Bonnie Butcheri

Appointed Officers

Past President – Glenda Struthers

Nominating – Janet Ankiel
School & Community Relations – Open
Public Policy – Karen Clegg & Judy Lyons
Local Scholarship – Jeannine Stetson
Development – Susan Mehas
Bylaws and Policies – Susan Barley

Click here for a list of past presidents.