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The technologies used in drug tests have become very advanced. The margin of error has been reduced to almost nil. It is difficult for a person taking drugs to pass such a test with negative result. A person should be judged on merit, skills, and capabilities. It should not be based on bodily fluids. Many such tests can be handled better with new innovative products and solutions. TestClear offers a wide range of such solutions. Information on these solutions has been covered in TestClear review 2018.

Passing the Urine Test
Urine is the most preferred body fluid sample used for drug testing. A variety of techniques and technologies have been developed to detect even minor traces of chemicals found in illegal drugs and substances. TestClear offers various solutions to pass urine tests successfully. It has many detox products to get rid of toxins in the body in 1-10 days. The products are made using many vitamins, minerals, and herbs that help detoxify the body. Made with natural ingredients, without fillers, and without animal products, the detox solution starts working within one hour of intake. Another solution is a powdered urine kit. It can be used to simulate a real urine sample. The result is a clean urine sample that has all vital chemicals generally found in the urine of a human. It even smells and behaves chemically as human urine. It is the ultimate in passing the urine test if this method can be used.

Passing Hair Drug Test
TestClear offers a special shampoo to clean the hair thoroughly. It helps remove chemical buildup, medications and other contaminants from the hair shaft. The company even offers a prepaid shipping envelope for the laboratory analysis of the hair sample. Individuals who suspect they may test positive can send their hair follicles sample to the TestClear laboratory. The hair sample is tested for popular drugs. Another of its shampoo helps remove toxins from the hair. It should be used every day for at least a week in advance of the test date. TestClear has a few other solutions for getting the negative all clear result in a hair test.

Passing Blood Drug Test
TestClear offers detox products to get rid of toxins in the blood. The products are available for 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 days programs. Individuals having extreme toxin exposure can use these detox products. The type of product used by a person depends on how many days are left for the drug test. Longer 10 days detox product can be used if at least 10 days are available for detoxifying the body. These products come with a complete money back guarantee.

Passing Saliva Drug Test
Passing an oral drug test is somewhat easier with the help of TestClear’s mouthwash product. The mouthwash TestClear helps get rid of all toxins in the mouth using a simple mouthwash liquid. The small one-ounce bottle is easy to keep without anyone noticing it. The mouthwash should be used a few minutes before the test. TestClear Screening Kit for testing the oral fluid is available. This kit is capable of detecting the presence of six types of drugs. The test can be completed within 10 minutes. It is a noninvasive drug testing method. The test results are accurate and anyone can do it without assistance. It is suitable for business use and can be used to detect most popular drugs like cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamine, and methamphetamine.

TestClear has a wide range of drug test kits. Some kits can be used to test many drugs while other test kits are designed to detect a specific drug. It even has steroid and nicotine drug test kits. All these kits are simple to use. The small size kits are convenient to carry anywhere. This convenience is also available with other products made by the TestClear. Some of its products are very small in size and can be carried to the test site without anyone noticing it.

Readers of TestClear Reviews must remember that each person has a different body composition. A person’s health and age should be taken into account when determining the right TestClear product. Chronic users will require many days of detoxification program while occasional users can get good results after just a few days of detoxification. All TestClear products are a result of lots of research. These products are put through various laboratory and clinical tests before being sold in the market. Thousands of people have taken advantage of these solutions to pass their drug tests successfully. – What We Stand For

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